About us

At Sage and Wyld we’re not just about furniture; we’re about transforming your space into a haven of style and comfort. 

Our small, London-based team is obsessed with the same things you are – the artistry of design, the craftsmanship of artisans, and the joy of a well-curated space. Our website brings a handpicked selection of furniture that’s as unique as you are.

Why choose us? 
Curated Elegance: We’ve done the hard work for you, selecting pieces that marry impeccable style with unrivalled quality.

London Roots: We’re proud to call this vibrant city home, and we’ve brought the UK’s best artisans right to your doorstep using trusted carrier partners such as DHL, FedEx, Royal Mail and UPS.

Expertise Meets Casual: We’re not just experts; we’re your friends in the world of interior design. Expect a casual, friendly approach with a wealth of knowledge.

Always Happy to Help: Connect with us on for design inspiration and updates on our latest arrivals.

Your dream home is just a click away. Trust us to make your interior design journey easy, enjoyable, and truly yours. Welcome to the Sage and Wyld family.